Powering your vision

We don't run events. We provide the power and lighting systems that make them run. Our speciality is medium to large outdoor festivals and concerts. But our portfolio extends to smaller indoor or outdoor events and includes entertainment, corporate and community events.

... while keeping your calm


We recognise that for event organisers, all live events are special - they're all about delivering a unique experience for both content-providers and consumers. Our role is to ensure that organisers look their best when in front of both groups of customers. We look to understand what is wanted; add guidance and advice where appropriate; deliver what's needed when it's required; and keep the load off organisers: no stress.


Our philosophy is entirely client-focused and our approach when supporting organisers is simple: if there's a better way to do things, we'll suggest it; if there's a problem, we'll react and fix it; if modifications are requested, we'll get on and make them; if anything stops working, we're there until we get it going; if something else is required, we'll source it; and if we're needed on site, we're there as long as necessary: no worries.


Our gear is a major factor for our success. We take an industrial approach to the project design, provisioning and management. Much of our gear is like that used in the resource and construction sectors: heavy-duty, robust, reliable and safe. Everything is stored, maintained and pre-tested locally. Our engineered approach ensures substantive reserve capacity and, if necessary plenty of in-built redundancy: no problems.