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Balancing fun with function

Staging an event involves considerably more responsibility and risk than hosting a party. It's a serious business requiring a strong attention to detail and a commitment to safety and environmental management. Our operations are built on the three capability elements of competence, certification and compliance. We understand that safety is everyone's business - that if something goes wrong or someone gets hurt, we all carry some level of responsibility and it's incumbent on organisers, contractors and venues to exercise their individual and collective duty of care.

OHSE Management Plan

Our OHSE Management Plan is available by clicking on the image.


Our competence flows from the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our people and from the processes and procedures embedded in the business. The cumulative experience from over a decade in the event business and four decades as an electrical contractor is the root of our knowledge. Over this period: we've learned the best approach for powering different types of events at most of Perth's major venues. We've built a team with the right skillset for the work we undertake and our organisational culture reflects our positive attitude - the show can and will always go on.


When there's pressure, contractors sometimes cut corners and don't fully-comply with the rules. This is not us. Building an event is a regulated-activity akin to construction. We embrace the legislative framework and comply with relevant standards and regulations. Our people carry Construction Induction (Blue/White) Cards; our electricians are licensed; key personnel hold forklift, working at heights and heavy-rigid vehicle licence; and the business has an Electrical Contractors' Authority and can provide Form 5 - Certificates of Electrical Compliance and Test & Tag services.


Our Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management Plan is at the heart of our compliance systems. The Plan adopts the framework recommended by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Government of Western Australia) for use by contractors in the building and construction industry. We adopt an inclusive approach with organisers: the Plan is posted online and we share details of workplace inspections and incident reports on request. To learn more about our OHSE Management Plan, click HERE or on the image pop out.