Who we are

We're Lobel Events

Understanding who we are and what we can do means knowing where we've come from and where we're going. This is our story.

Getting started

The business that became Lobel Events started 40 years ago as a small electrical contracting business founded by Henk de Lobel. Back then, the company then called Henco Electrics, installed electrical wiring and lighting services as part of the fit-out of retail shops. During much of this period, his son Sheldon worked in the business on a part-time basis while also studying at school and university. This work experience prepared Sheldon well for what was to come. 

Moving into events

Fifteen years on, and it became time for the Henco business baton to be passed from father to son. Ultimately Sheldon acquired the business assets from Henk who stayed on as his mentor. In 2010, under its new brand name of Perth Exhibition Lighting & Power (PELP) the company, began an exciting growth period. Guided by an ambitious vision for the business, the focus changed to indoor exhibitions and trade shows and growth quickly followed as key-customer relationships strengthened. 

Growing into outdoor events

The next ten years brought growth in PELP's involvement in the outdoor festivals, concerts and entertainment events sector. Reflecting this change, in 2016 the business underwent a further restructuring and adopted the Lobel Group as its company name. Lobel Events became a specialist unit and this was the start of an aggressive investment and expansion into outdoor events. Today, Lobel Events' focus is on outdoor events, but indoor exhibitions and trade shows continue to be important.